Kurt Angle's Long Road to Being Trusted By TNA

By joeburgett
Image courtesy of TNA’s Official Facebook Page

The moment Kurt Angle was brought into TNA, a lot of good things were imagined. Several people were already helping TNA then, but Angle was the major WWE name they needed.

Angle was to be the man in TNA. And why not? He’s one of the best wrestling talents in the world. He will go down as one of the top five best technical wrestlers ever. Many believe he is in the Top-10 best pro wrestlers list too.

When he came in, there was no major worry in his personal life. People like Jeff Hardy left WWE to go to TNA and spiraled out of control because there was no one keeping tracks on his life. This didn’t happen once, but twice for Hardy when he left WWE for TNA.

Angle eventually found himself in the same boat. He had a marital issue with his then-wife, Karen. She ended up in a relationship with the TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett. You can’t write this up better, people. From then on, Angle had relationships with different women. He has been in trouble with the law six times since his arrival to TNA, yet none happened on the WWE’s watch.

The most recent trouble with alcohol brought his total of DWI/DUIs to four. He also had issues with HGH, but had a prescription to get off on having it with him upon the time of arrest. Angle was recently arrested again for alcohol troubles and is in rehab seeking help for his problem, most likely at TNA’s request.

But what does this mean for the Main Event Mafia, and what does this mean for Angle?

Angle will have a job with the company for as long as he wants it. So don’t think he’s going to be released. However, alcohol is a tough thing to get off.

The problem with Angle is that he drinks too much and drives, knowing he has been arrested before. This comes down to psychological problems beyond alcohol, which only enhances the problem. Angle is known for having neck and head issues dating back to his time in the Olympics. He has used HGH and steroids in the past, if nothing more than to heal up after surgeries or injury. This messes with the brain as well.

Because of all of this, he needs help to get off of alcohol, and this will be a problem for TNA because Angle is always used in a main story because of his name alone. This is not usually a problem, but how can be he trusted?

TNA has no issue with Sting and they know they can use him anywhere. Angle has the same sort of legacy as Sting, yet there are miles of difference between the two when it comes to their personal lives. Sting can be trusted — Angle cannot.

Now that he is in rehab, it’s doubtful he can be involved with TNA programming. Sorry TNA, but you can’t remove him from rehab for shows and throw him back in. It just doesn’t work this way.

So, this will be an interesting period for Angle. Let me know your thoughts on it all below.


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