WWE: Daniel Bryan’s Monday Night Raw Corporate Makeover Shades Of Stone Cold Steve Austin Era

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WWE superstar Daniel Bryan gets his “Corporate Makeover” tonight on Monday Night Raw, in what should be a delightful episode featuring the beautiful Stephanie McMahon.

Bryan, of course, is not the prototypical WWE star. He’s 5-foot-10, 200 pounds and, well, normal looking. So, as he heads into his big match against John Cena at SummerSlam, the McMahon family wants to shave Bryan’s goatee, cut his straggly hair,  put him in a suit and give him a complete makeover.

Right behind the “Kiss My Ass Club” storyline, this is Vince McMahon‘s favorite angle. This angle worked to perfection with Stone Cold Steve Austin in the late 1990s, and McMahon has been trying to repeat it ever since. The McMahon family has tried it with John Cena, Mick Foley, CM Punk and countless other wrestlers who didn’t originally fit the part of WWE champion.

The  corporate makeover is McMahon’s fall back angle when a WWE superstar gets super-popular no thanks to the WWE’s corporate machine. The writers never scripted Bryan to be the hottest star in the sport; it just happened.

McMahon can choose to ignore the Bryan craze, refuse to push it and hope it fizzles, or he can hop on board. Tonight, the McMahon family chooses to join the party.

We will also get to see the McMahon family at its best. McMahon is an underrated television genius. Forget Johnny Carson. McMahon has been cracking up generations of fans for decades. His facial expressions are ridiculous. His confidence and swagger are off the chart. His timing and delivery would make Abbott and Costello jealous. His daughter Stephanie was blessed with much of his acting gifts. She should help carry tonight’s storyline.

Will Bryan get a corporate makeover tonight. “No!” “No!” “No!” Will the angle be hilarious, and will McMahon do his best to get Bryan over and ready for a title victory at SummerSlam? Let’s hope, “Yes!” “Yes!” “Yes!”

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