Big E Langston Should Get A Huge Push

By Damian Seeto
Big E Langston Strong
Big E Langston – WWE Universe Facebook

Big E Langston received a big push by winning the Intercontinental Title on Raw. Can he achieve greater things?

I’ve mentioned several times in the past that WWE is in serious need for new main event stars. If you take a look at the two main events for Survivor Series, you’ll know what I mean. You have John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio and Big Show vs. Randy Orton. Apart from Del Rio, three of the other guys have been in the company for over 11 years. Del Rio is the same age as Cena, so he’s not a young guy himself.

WWE has attempted to create new stars, but they awkwardly decided to push new heels that failed. First they thought a heel Sheamus would work back in late 2009, and then they tried Jack Swagger as a heel champion in 2010. In 2011, The Miz had a heel run as the WWE Champion, but that was met with mixed to negative results too.

I feel that WWE needs to find a new main event babyface star very soon. Langston could be one of them and Roman Reigns might be the other. Reigns is still a part of the Shield, so Langston might be the first one that should break out in my opinion.

For now, Langston should get a nice run as the Intercontinental Champion. I’m sure he’ll get even more popular if WWE books him right. Curtis Axel wasn’t doing much with the belt, so it made sense that Langston gets a push. Hopefully they don’t botch his push like they have done with other wrestlers in the past.

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