Did CM Punk Turn His Back On WWE Fans Or The Company?

By Damian Seeto
CM Punk During Happier Times
Image from CM Punk – WWE Universe Facebook

It appears CM Punk has left some fans feeling sour with the way he failed to show up in his hometown on Raw this week.

Some fans are voicing their opinions on how selfish Punk left the WWE in such a fashion. First of all, Punk has not been released and is technically still under contract. He was obligated to stay and perform for the company up until June or July 2014. Punk decided to walk away instead and did not honor his contract.

Details are sketchy about his contract, but he would have had to pay a big fine if he breaks this contract. Stone Cold Steve Austin admitted that when he walked away in 2002, he lost a ton of money because of the huge fine he received from breaking his contract. Not to mention the money he lost from not wrestling for seven months too.

With Punk deciding to leave, fans that bought tickets to WrestleMania XXX are no longer going to see him. Also, many people that attended Raw in Chicago wanted to see him, but he never arrived. Some people have blamed WWE for making Punk mad in the first place, while others have blamed it on Punk himself and feels he’s acting very selfishly. If he did care about the fans, he would have showed up in Chicago.

Punk has been given a lot of opportunities while in the WWE, but it appears he still wasn’t satisfied. He was the WWE Champion for 434 days, wrestled the likes of high-profile stars such as John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker. Even after all that, he felt he wasn’t pushed enough.

I’m not taking sides here until we hear a proper story from either Punk or Vince McMahon. I still feel the best thing to resolve this whole issue is for Punk to publicly address this situation himself. Whether this be inside a WWE ring, or even in an interview, he needs to speak up and explain why he left to his legions of fans.

At the same time, he could acknowledge that he’s retired as it sounds like his body has taken a beating too. If that happens, everyone could finally move on from this whole issue.

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