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Nicholas A. Marsico

Cena Defeating Rollins On RAW Is Counterproductive

It doesn't make sense that the WWE Champion tapped out clean and easy in the middle of the ring on Monday. Read More

WWE's Diva Revolution Is Off To A Strong Start

So far the women have been proving that they deserve more time in the spotlight. Hopefully WWE keeps the momentum going and keeps them strong. Read More

Orton vs. Sheamus Has No Actual Story

Randy Orton and Sheamus have had some bad matches over the years and are often criticized for being bland. This feud brings it to a whole new level. Read More

Stardust vs. Neville Can Create A New Style

With Arrow's Stephen Amell likely to attend SummerSlam for an angle with Stardust and Neville being portrayed as a superhero, WWE may be missing out on a big opportunity. Read More

Going 4 Hours Is Huge For SummerSlam's Status

SummerSlam has been officially confirmed to be a four-hour extravaganza. If done properly, it could propel the show up to the level of being far above all shows not named WrestleMania. Read More

Curtis Axel Clearly Must Be Cursed

The fiasco involving Hulk Hogan has stripped Curtis Axel of his new identity. After a number of already failed characters, is it possible that the universe is aligned against him? Read More

Last Week's Impact Wrestling Was Atrocious

Not only does TNA tape its TV way too far in advance, but they continue to show that they have no clue how to act under pressure. Read More

Cena vs. Rollins Is Being Done At The Wrong Time

In the age of instant gratification and zero attention span, yet another feud is set to begin and be blown off in such a short amount of time it could make your head spin. Read More

The Undertaker Needs to Drop the Zombie Gimmick

There's no need to have The Undertaker doing his silly, no longer relevant undead zombie gimmick, especially in a feud with a guy like Brock Lesnar. It needs to be dumped. Read More

Tyler Breeze Should Beat Liger at Takeover

Jushin Liger is coming to town for the next NXT Takeover special. WWE's best use of him would be to have him be defeated by Tyler Breeze, who should be the next NXT Champion. Read More