Nicholas A. Marsico

WWE Contradicts Itself In A Dangerous Way

A dangerous contradiction of WWE's PG Era standards was illustrated in the first match of the Elimination Chamber PPV. Read More

Divas Title Match Was A Very Big Disappointment

When the triple threat for the Divas Title was announced, it appeared that WWE was prepared to give us a strong women's match. That was clearly a far too lofty expectation to have. Read More

Finn Balor Will Make It Big In WWE

Finn Balor is rumored to have the right people on board with pushing him into a high profile position fairly quickly when the WWE bring him to the main roster. Read More

5 Best Elimination Chamber Matches Ever

There have been 17 Elimination Chamber matches since the inception of the concept at the 2002 Survivor Series PPV. Here are the best of the best. Read More

5 Bold Predictions For WWE Elimination Chamber

Tomorrow night's Elimination Chamber show can be full of surprises. Read More

Kevin Owens Will Improve WWE

It has been announced that the current NXT Champion has signed his WWE contract and will be on the main roster effective immediately, which is a reason to celebrate. Read More

Ryback Will Be Next Intercontinental Champion

Ryback will defeat all six other men on Sunday night to claim his first championship in his WWE career. Read More

WWE Is Likely Too Late To Sign A.J. Styles

The WWE is becoming interested in using A.J. Styles as a means to help draw crowds for their upcoming live NXT shows across the country. Unfortunately, it's too little, too late. Read More

Neville vs. Bo Dallas Will Buy Time

Find out what Neville's match against Bo Dallas really accomplishes for the WWE. Read More

Rusev's Injury Could Save His Career

Rusev may have been injured at the Smackdown taping this week. Some may call an injury right before a PPV a disaster, but this might be a blessing in disguise for the Bulgarian Brute. Read More