Nicholas A. Marsico

Slammiversary Begins A New Chapter

Tonight's Slammiversary PPV event marks the beginning of what could be a very different version of TNA than the one that existed before. Read More

Jeff Jarrett's TNA Return May Be A Big Deal

On Wednesday night, founder (and still part owner) of TNA Jeff Jarrett returned to the company after a years-long absence. He will wrestle tonight, but will this appearance lead to bigger things? Read More

WWE May Be Setting Ryback Up To Fail

Ryback won the Intercontinental title and immediately got saddled with The Big Show and The Miz. If WWE was Ryback's parents, I'm sure that would be labeled child abuse. Read More

Dean Ambrose Deserves The WWE Title

After three straight shows in the main event for the WWE World Title, Dean Ambrose doesn't have an opponent scheduled for Battleground. See why he deserves better treatment. Read More

Lesnar's Future Is Unclear If He Wins WWE Title

If Brock Lesnar defeats Seth Rollins to take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship back into the lair of the Beast, do we end up going another few months without a champion? Read More

WWE Is Rushing Rollins vs. Lesnar

The storyline for the upcoming WWE Title match between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins is backwards and possibly even incompetent. It's definitely not coherent. Read More

WWE's Special Event Strategy Has Changed

It seems like WWE's strategy regarding PPVs is changing. Read More

Cena vs. Owens Not Living Up To Full Potential

Kevin Owens and John Cena have had two great matches and are scheduled for a third, but it has been too much too soon and they sacrificed a great story to get there. Read More

Bray Wyatt's Words Are Intentionally Pointless

Wyatt has been in WWE for three years and he has almost never said anything of substance. Read More

Dolph Ziggler Will Be Gone Soon From WWE, Sadly

Rumors have been swirling that with his contract end date coming near, Dolph Ziggler's time is running out as a member of WWE. He should definitely pursue other options. Read More