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Nicholas A. Marsico

Tyler Breeze Should Beat Liger at Takeover

Jushin Liger is coming to town for the next NXT Takeover special. WWE's best use of him would be to have him be defeated by Tyler Breeze, who should be the next NXT Champion. Read More

Wade Barrett Should Leave WWE

It's over for Wade Barrett. There's no way he's going to make it above the level he's at now because WWE refuses to make new stars. He should just go somewhere that he'll be respected. Read More

Sting To Return At SummerSlam

WWE wants SummerSlam to be a big event, and having both The Undertaker and Sting on board helps with that perception. Sting is reportedly set to mix it up with Bray Wyatt. Read More

Owens Might Not Wrestle At SummerSlam

After suffering a devastating loss to John Cena at Battleground, it appears that Kevin Owens might not even find himself wrestling this year at SummerSlam. Read More

Battleground Is WWE's Best Show Of 2015

It looked pretty disappointing on paper, but WWE Battleground 2015 far exceeded expectations and outclassed all of the other main roster shows this year. Read More

Will Undertaker And Sting Return At Battleground?

Rumors are flying all over the place with claims that Undertaker and Sting are coming back for matches at SummerSlam, and it is possible that one or both will be at Battleground. Read More

Bully Ray Must Be A Fair Authority Figure

Now that TNA has a new sheriff in town, they have the opportunity to present rivalries between wrestlers, not the worn out wrestler vs. authority figure cliche. Read More

5 Bold Predictions For WWE Battleground

The next WWE Special Event, Battleground, is tomorrow night. Here are five bold predictions for the show. Read More

WWE's US Title Picture Has Potential To Be Great

The most hotly contested championship in WWE right now is John Cena's United States Title. If the momentum continues when Cena loses the belt, the sky is the limit for great matches. Read More

Ryback's Injury Is Good For The Miz

With Ryback out of this Sunday's Battleground event, there's no longer an IC Title match in the books. The Miz and Big Show are still available, and Ryback's absence could be huge for The Miz. Read More