Carlos Tevez A Good Buy For Juventus

By Lucas Carreras
Carlos Tevez To Juventus
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On Tuesday, it was announced that Juventus had come to terms with Manchester City on a transfer free that will see the Old Lady of Italian football acquire Carlos Tevez. Juventus are expected to pay around €9 million as the initial fee with another €3 million as add-ons if certain incentives are met.

What are Juventus getting in acquiring Tevez? The answer to this question is pretty complex. For starters, the team gets a 29-year old forward to still has a lot to offer as a player. Additionally, the side also adds depth to their forward line, something that has been the weak spot in the last two season.

While those are positives, one must always remember that Tevez does come with some baggage that has been well chronicled over the years.

That said, Juventus getting a 29-year-old player in the last year of his current contract (he is expected to sign a new three-year deal with Juventus) is a good buy that will not break the bank.

In addition, Tevez joins new acquisition Fernando Llorente, who he will  likely partner up front and be the regular starters for Juventus. What used to be the weakest position for Juventus has become a strong one with the addition of Tevez and Llorente.

One thing that has characterized Tevez as a player is how he plays the game. The best description I could give is that Tevez plays like he is always out to prove something. His hustle and constant willingness to challenge and battle have won him the support of the fans even if he had issues with club management or his coach.

It’s not often that a team can buy a player who scored 58 goals in 107 league appearances at his previous club  for around €10 million. Despite the risks that could be associated with the move, Juventus have rightfully taken the gamble.

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