Clint Dempsey's Move To Seattle Sounders Is A Waste of Talent

By Stowe Gregory

Clint Dempsey‘s return to the USA with the Seattle Sounders in the MLS is a waste of a talent that could still perform in the Premier League.

A year on from his £6 million move to Tottenham Hotspur, it is likely that Dempsey regrets ever having had his head turned by the chance of pushing for Champions League football rather than staying at Fulham, where he seemed so comfortable.

It is understandable that a player would want to progress, and that is exactly what Dempsey attempted in the summer of last year, but with Spurs’ attacking acquisitions since then, his place in the pecking order had certainly gone down. However, it is a shame for the Premier League that he is departing to a level that, with all respect to the MLS, is not as high in quality.

Dempsey could have easily still found himself in the starting lineup for various Premier League clubs perhaps a little lower down the league. Before his move to Spurs, he was really standing out. There was the opportunity to sign for Liverpool, but he chose Spurs, which in itself was a strange result given the obvious competition for him at the time.

It surprises me a little that other Premier League clubs appear to have been interested in Dempsey, and perhaps the Seattle Sounders’ attempts to obtain his services was something that really convinced him. He’ll feel wanted again and will be playing in an environment where he is likely to shine. It’s a huge addition to the MLS as he is still very talented despite being 30.

Maybe his time at Spurs was something that really irritated him, and now he feels any move to a lower Premier League club would be no good to himself. I would disagree and say that he could still give a lower half Premier League side a lot. However, he can now help continue the rise of soccer in North America, and maybe that is what he desires the most.


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