Transfer Window: Tottenham Hotspurs Wisely Sell Gareth Bale's Rights to Real Madrid

By Phil Naegely
Gareth Bale
Photo courtesy of Gareth Bale’s official Facebook page

What would you do if you were offered €100 million for your star player? Well Tottenham Hotspurs smartly took that money and sold midfielder Gareth Bale‘s rights to Real Madrid for a transfer fee record of  €100 million. Tottenham will lose some world-class talent, but the price was right from a seller’s point of view.

While Bale is one of the best soccer players in the world, he was not worth the price tag Real Madrid paid for him. I personally believe no single athlete is worth what Real Madrid paid for Bale.

From the Tottenham perspective, they were reluctant to let Bale go, but can you blame them for accepting the transfer deal? If you ask me, I would say no, and now they have money to replace Bale.

Bale is a dangerous finisher and can score from almost anywhere inside and outside the box. He was a key to Tottenham’s success last year, and Real Madrid will be relying on him big time this season.

In addition to paying €100 million for Bale, Real Madrid will reportedly pay Bale 15.6 million yearly for six years.

With the transfer window closing in two days, this deal was expected to get done but the price tag has shocked soccer fans around the world. After losing 1-0 against Arsenal because of poor finishing Sunday, Tottenham should be looking for Bale’s replacement before the window closes.

In short, Tottenham would have been stupid to reject the record-setting transfer deal for Bale. Yes, the skill on their roster suffers, but they will be able to buy Bale’s replacement and much more with the money they got for him.

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