Top 10 Strikers in the World

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Top 10 Strikers in the World

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There are many teams with quality across their squad, but what separates the greatest teams from the good teams are world-class strikers with a cutting edge that many others lack. For example, Manchester United have been below par this season, but their two star strikers, Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie, have been the difference between them being an average team and a team capable of achieving greatness.

Our love for strikers never goes long without a mention. When our favorite teams are struggling, we instantly link them to one of the forwards who simply can't stop scoring. Why, you ask? Because it's exciting. Goals win soccer games, and although other players can contribute, it's often the forward that wins games, ultimately making them the prized assets of soccer.

The beauty of the game we know and love, is that there is always a striker ready to become great, and there's always one that seems to struggle no matter how good he used to be and how hard he is currently trying. Fernando Torres is the prime example of somebody whose better days are behind him.

The greatest strikers in the world are often the ones that have scored in many of Europe's elite soccer leagues, although some have proven better in one league over another. With hundreds of superstar players plying their trade with the greatest teams and the game always changing, it can be hard to keep up with who's currently hot and who's not. Here's a list of 10 of the greatest strikers in the game at this present moment.

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10. Carlos Tevez -- Juventus

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He has had attitude problems, but that appears to be behind him. He made a fresh start in Italy, and Juventus appears to be getting the best from Carlos.

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9. Edison Cavani -- PSG

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One of the best strikers in the game, it hasn't been the perfect start to his career at PSG. Expect Edison to depart for a new team -- perhaps a Premier League team.

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8. Karim Benzema -- Real Madrid

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Benzema has had his struggles, but he has been a consistent threat for Real Madrid and France for many years. Often tipped to move to a Premier League club, Benzema is still one of the best all-round forwards around.

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7. Wayne Rooney -- Manchester United

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Usually when a star player wants to leave, the club shows them the door. But with Wayne Rooney, United have tried to keep him many times, and it's easy to see why. In their struggling 2013-14 season, he has been their key player and players like him aren't easy to replace.

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6. Sergio Aguero -- Manchester City

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The Manchester City forward is a revelation each and every year, but will he continue to grace the Premier League, or will he leave for a fresh challenge? Either way, he's likely to continue his footballing domination.

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5. Robin Van Persie -- Manchester United

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He was arguably the difference in Manchester United winning the Premier League last season. The star striker is up there with the very best for both club and country. He can be truly depended on. He proved his worth once again as he scored the winning goal against his former team, Arsenal.

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4. Radamel Falcao -- AS Monaco

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He has been a huge star in Portugal, Spain and now France. Falcao is the all-round striker. He can dominate defenders in any way, shape or form. Keep an eye on him as he may head to England in the next few years.

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3. Robert Lewandowski -- Borussia Dortmund

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Robert Lewandowski has been in hot demand recently, and he looks likely to join German champions Bayern Munich in the summer of 2014. The Polish international has been linked with every elite team across the world, proving how good he really is.

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2. Zlatan Ibrahamovic -- PSG

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Zlatan is often an arrogant player, but he backs that up with sensational performances. We all remember his overhead kick against England, don't we?

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1. Luis Suarez -- Liverpool

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The troubled Liverpool forward has been in sizzling form over the past few seasons. He needs to sort out his troubles before he can increase his reputation. He's not likely to be at Liverpool for many more years.