What Is The Real Level Of Stephan El Shaarawy?

By Riccardo Di Julio
Stephan El Shaarawy
Image Courtesy Of Stephan El Shaarawy Official Twitter Account

Despite the many struggles shown in the last years, it cannot be denied that, potentially speaking, AC Milan has one of the best attacking sides in the world. As a matter of fact, being able to count on great players like the former Ballon d’Or winner Ricardo Kaka, in addition to Mario Balotelli, Stephan El Shaarawy and even Robinho is a privilege that only few teams in the world could afford.

Of course, it is well know that in soccer, talent is only one of the many components that determine the success of a player. Besides that, there are many other factors that professionals need to work on in order to reach the level desired, such as determination, humbleness and, most importantly, consistency.

Furthermore, this is exactly the main reason why the Rossoneri have significantly been struggling in the last years, both in Serie A and Champions League, as many of the players have not been able to find the consistency required to succeed, partially because of the high amount of injuries they keep suffering.

One of the most notorious cases involves the starlet El Shaarawy, who is about to say goodbye to a very unfortunate 2013 full of injuries and performances that were not good enough. Sadly for the 21 year old, the magnificent skills shown in the first months of the 2012-13 season are now only a distant memory, present only in the hearts of the fans.

As a consequence of this, his establishment in the National Team has also been considerably compromised in the last months, despite that only a year ago, he was commonly pointed out as one of the fixed starters of the Azzurri in the World Cup. Moreover, at Milan, his adventures have not been any different. In only a short period of time, he has gone from been the main star of the team, to being an authentic ghost.

For all these reasons, a serious thought comes to mind whether or not the Pharaoh is actually a world class player. Many argue that he only had a lightning explosion and that he will hardly ever equal his performances again. Many others believe that it is all due to a lack of motivation, or maybe even of humility, as his decrease started right when he was given a salary increase and right after the club signed Balotelli, who rapidly became the main star for the Rossoneri.

In addition, the beliefs that El Shaarawy would not always have a humble attitude is highly supported by the serious accusations made by the great Gennaro Gattuso two years ago, from which the young player would arrogantly not listen to what the so-called senators of Milan’s locker room would advise him.

Without a doubt, however, regardless of the actual reason of his problems, his immense skills cannot be denied. After all, despite the fact that there wouldn’t be any excuse to disrespect Gattuso and other former Milan legendary figures, he is still a very young player and it would be normal that he would take more time to mature.

As of today, his chances of playing in the World Cup in Brazil are, as already mentioned, considerably low. For the Pharaoh, the hope of millions of fans and Italian soccer as a whole is to see this amazing talent back on his level again. Certainly, having him in a good shape, along with Balotelli, Giuseppe RossiMattia Destro and Lorenzo Insigne, would secure a bright future for the Nazionale.

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