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Seven Generation Adidas Players Selected in MLS SuperDraft

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Seven Teams Select Generation Adidas Players During SuperDraft

Eric Hartline - USA TODAY Sports

Generation Adidas is debated among fans of the MLS but is still relevant in today's market. If a player is good enough to play in the MLS, why must he wait until graduating college to do so? Some of the players that have graduated from Generation Adidas have gone on to play for the U.S. National Team (USMNT), and some of them have even become leading men in their individual clubs. So as far as I'm concerned, a player can definitely be ready before playing four full years of college soccer. Prime examples of Generation Adidas players that have gone far are European star Tim Howard and those who play for the MLS such as Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley.

Besides Generation Adidas, the other way teams are able to grab young talent is by signing them under the homegrown player rule; those players still sign Generation Adidas contracts. To be able to do so the team must have the player in their own development academy. This is why some people are beginning to feel Generation Adidas is pointless, but really with so many of those players being selected during the SuperDraft and not signed under the homegrown player rule, it continues to stay relevant. It gives other clubs a chance to chose these players. Many credit both programs for being able to cultivate young talent in the USA, which I think is needed in a country that views soccer as a lesser sport.

Generation Adidas continues to thrive every year as several players from the program are selected during the SuperDraft. In the first round of the SuperDraft this year there were seven players who were selected to play by seven different MLS teams. Hopefully some of these players will be the next Donovan or Dempsey of soccer.

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7. Portland Timbers Select Schillo Tshuma

Eric Hartline - USA TODAY Sports

Schillo Tshuma was selected seventeenth overall by Portland Timbers. Tshuma was a forward for Maryland, and if Timbers keep him in that position he may be just the player they've been looking for to score more goals this season.

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6. Houston Dynamo Select AJ Cochran

Eric Hartline - USA TODAY Sports

AJ Cochran was selected No. 16 overall by Houston Dynamo. Cochran was a defender for Wisconsin, and hopefully he can keep up with the Dynamo. A good defender will add a stronger back line to the Dynamo's formation, and it will keep opposing goals at bay in hopes of making it to the playoffs again.

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5. Colorado Rapids Select Marlon Hairston

Eric Hartline - USA TODAY Sports

Marlon Hairston was selected No. 12 overall by Colorado Rapids. At only 19, he is the youngest Generation Adidas player to be selected during the SuperDraft. Hairston played for Louisville as a midfielder, and his attacking skills will give the Rapids the extra push needed to win more matches.

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4. Seattle Sounders Select Damion Lowe

Stephanie Greene - USA TODAY Sports

Damion Lowe was selected No. 8 overall by Seattle Sounders FC. Lowe was a defender for Hartford. If he keeps up with the Sounders' fast pace he will only add to the team's back-line. The Sounders keep their opponents on their toes, and hopefully Lowe will help fill the gaps.

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3. Montreal Impact Select Eric Miller

Eric Hartline - USA TODAY Sports

Eric Miller was selected No. 5 overall by Montreal Impact. He was a defender for Creighton, and Montreal is in need of some good defenders for their team. They need to keep opposing goals out of the net as they aim to make the MLS playoffs for the first time.

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2. Vancouver Whitecaps Select Christian Dean

Eric Hartline - USA TODAY Sports

Christian Dean was selected No. 3 overall by Vancouver Whitecaps FC. Dean was a defender for Cal, and he can be a great addition to the Whitecaps.

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1. Philadelphia Union Select Andre Blake

Stephanie Greene - USA TODAY Sports

Andre Blake was selected No. 1 overall by Philadelphia Union. Philadelphia traded with DC United for first pick, and they must have already had Blake in mind. Blake was the first goalkeeper in history to be selected first in the SuperDraft.