Everyone Is Against AC Milan Former Coach Massimiliano Allegri

By Riccardo Di Julio
Massimiliano Allegri
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Young kids always dream to become famous soccer stars of the soccer world. For them, the hope is to someday grow up, sign a professional contract with a competitive team to then live the best kind of life a man could ever have: money, women, fame and fortune — all of these in big quantities.

Unfortunately, professional sports are so competitive that only a small percentage of those kids are actually able to accomplish their dream. For those who make it, moreover, the expected positive outcomes are not always taken for granted. Sometimes, in fact, even someone who ends up achieving relevant  results at the highest level might end up experiencing challenges that could significantly affect both his professional and personal life.

In the case of AC Milan former manager Massimiliano Allegri, for example, the life at the soccer Olympus hasn’t been easy at all. Having only last week ended one of the most negative managerial experiences in the history of the Lombardian club, the 46-year-old now finds himself without a job, and most importantly, without supporters.

Even more, despite having won the Scudetto title in 2011, Allegri’s adventure with the Rossoneri could hardly ever find any admirers given the extremely poor results and performances shown by his players on a weekly basis. For sure, both the fans and the media never really seemed to agree on his technical and tactical decisions and expertise.

In reality, however, what made Allegri’s journey at Milan significantly bad was not as much the way the team played on the field but the poor interpersonal relationship he developed with the players. As a matter of fact, it is not a surprise that many, if not all, of the so-called senators of the Rossoneri end up leaving the club due to the poor relationship with him.

Moreover, as he is no longer Milan’s coach, now also another important player seems to have joined the big list of professionals who publicly stand against him. As a matter of fact, besides the illustrious Andrea Pirlo, Gennaro Gattuso, Filippo Inzaghi and Massimo Ambrosini, now the Italian media suggests that also Mario Balotelli is on bad terms with the Tuscan coach.

As said by the Corriere dello Sport, this bad relationship was demonstrated last Sunday during the game against Hellas Verona in which the 23-year-old dedicated the winning goal to the new manager Clarence Seedorf with some gestures and quotes that had never previously happened in regard of Allegri.

With this scenario, a huge concern arises on what could possibly happen if Allegri will in fact be given the job of managing the Nazionale after the World Cup. By then, Balotelli could become one of Italy’s biggest leaders given the goodbyes of Gianluigi Buffon and Pirlo.

Certainly, starting an adventure with already one of the leaders against him will not create a good environment for Allegri to comfortably work with the team. Without a doubt, Allegri has to seriously use these upcoming months to improve his managerial aspects with the players. If not, it will be only a matter of time until more Azzurri will show their dissatisfaction toward him, making it impossible for the team to perform well.

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