2014 World Cup Construction Worker's Death Brings Back Safety Concerns

By Phil Naegely
RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

Contruction for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has not been easy going or safe for contraction workers. Between delays, protests, violence and unsafe work conditions, Brazil has not impressed leading up to the 2014 World Cup expected to take place in June.

On Friday, a contraction worker died outside in the Brazilian jungle city of Manaus’ stadium. The man, whose name is yet to be released, was killed while dismantling a crane used to install the stadium’s roof.

This is not the first time a construction worker has died working on this exact stadium. In fact, it is the third time a contraction related death has occurred inside or near Manaus.

Back in November, a fatal stadium accident killed three and caused significant issues to the San Paolo stadium.

Friday’s news brings stadium readiness and safety back into the spotlight. If construction workers are in danger around the stadiums doing the work, will fans be safe come June? Additionally, will all of Brazil’s stadiums even be completed in time?

FIFA has been constantly giving them deadline extensions, but at some point enough is enough. It is time for Brazil to make sure conditions and equipment are safe for workers as they try to finish these stadium projects. If conditions are not improved, construction workers could go on strike and the 2014 World Cup could be a disaster for both FIFA and Brazil.

All in all, another tragedy occurred today as a construction worker died outside the Manaus stadium, and it should open up Brazil’s eyes to making sure conditions are extra safe.

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