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Indiana Hoosiers Go Down: No Powerhouse Team in College Basketball

The Indiana Hoosiers went down to Champaign on Thursday Night and left without their number one ranking that they worked so hard for.

Unlike 2012 this College basketball season has been one of extreme parity as each of the last five weeks the number one seed in all of the land has been dethroned.

The Kentucky Wildacts steamrolled the entire country en route to an NCAAM title last Spring.

Some feel that the nation needs a clear-cut favorite heading into the tournament but, this is a unique year as the number one seed comes March Madness will not be expected to do much.

The Illinois Fighting Illini came into this contest on the bubble in terms of tournament hopes and were a lowly 2-7 in the Big 1o conference. Brandon Paul has been an impact player for the Illini thus far but, Tyler Griffey stole the show with the game-winning layup on Wednesday night.

I think Hoosiers coach Tom Crean would agree that this game shouldn’t have even came down to a late game basket.Cody Zeller did his job and then some on Thursday as he poured in 14 points and nine rebounds in a pretty crucial road matchup. Zeller has been hinted at being the best player in all of College basketball but, as I mentioned parity runs rampant and there is no odds on favorite to be Player of the year either.

The Hoosiers will be back in terms of a number one ranking but, they will have to improve in certain areas in order to make a run this Spring.