Los Angeles Dodgers Should Be Ashamed, Pay For Bryan Stow's Rehab

With the highest payroll in MLB, the Los Angeles Dodgers have shown the entire league that they have some money to throw around. However, the pompous organization has decided not to put a cent toward the rehabilitation of Bryan Stow.

Only a greedy franchise like the Dodgers would watch the Stow family suffer while its spend millions of dollars on overpriced players.

Stow became a national story when he was beaten outside of Dodger Stadium back in 2011. A once fully-functioning paramedic, Stow is now relegated to a hospital bed and his family is forced to foot the bill. Here’s a first-hand account of just how dependent Stow is, courtesy of the Stow family:

“We had to hire caregivers in order to help Bryan to get up and shower in the morning, and get dressed and in bed in the evening.”

Even worse, the Stow family is now unable to keep the San Francisco Giants fan in the rehabilitation facility where he has been for the last two years. How could the gluttonous Dodgers front office sit idly by while someone who got beaten on their premises rots and makes their family severely hamstrung.

Integrity is often hard to find when dealing with arrogant teams, yet the level of ignorance on the part of the Magic Johnson-led crew is far too high. In addition, the Giants are also in prime position to help pay for the aid that Stow needs. Luckily, the attention surrounding Stow is so large that funds and charities have already been set up for the ailing Giants fan.

At times, sports can bring out the best of people, but in this case the Dodgers come off as unsympathetic greaseballs.