2013 NBA Draft: Charlotte Bobcats Select Cody Zeller With No. 4 Pick

With the fourth overall pick of the 2013 NBA Draft, the Charlotte Bobcats select Cody Zeller.


Age: 20

Height: 7-foot

Position: Center

School/Country: Indiana

About the Prospect: Indiana sophomore center Cody Zeller could have opted to leave college after his freshman season, but with team expectations soaring heading into this past season, the 7-footer made the decision to return. Now however, he’s heading to the NBA ranks and along with him comes a refined skill set and an improving game. Zeller’s doesn’t have the greatest of upside, but he’s athletic, he’s skilled and you know what you are going to get with him. He’s a hard worker who can bang and finish around the rim — Zeller is a great rotational fit in the front court.

About His Impact on Team: Zeller should give the Bobcats a ton of hustle points if anything else. Despite being a seven-footer, Zeller often got critiqued for not playing physically enough. However, this is a kid who can play in transition and give Michael Jordan‘s club a ton of fast-break points. No doubt, the Bobcats need a quick center given the fast-paced nature of the NBA. Hopefully, Zeller can put on a few pounds and be able to bang down low with some of the leagues most potent big men as well. If that weight increases happens then we could be looking at a potential All-Star given Zeller’s innate ability to score the basketball at such a high clip.


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