2013 NBA Draft: New Orleans Pelicans Select Nerlens Noel With No. 6 Pick


With the second pick of the 2013 NBA Draft, the New Orleans Pelicans select Nerlens Noel.


Age: 19

Height: 6-foot-11

Position: Center

School/Country: Kentucky

About the Prospect: Had Nerlens Noel not torn his ACL this past season at Kentucky, he may have bee the consensus No. 1 overall pick. However, some teams have been wary of Noel’s knee injury, but the 6-foot-11 center is hoping to be ready by December. Noel has undeniable potential, especially on the defensive end — he’s a shot blocking . An evolving offensive game could eventually make Noel a valuable player at the NBA level and at only 19 years old, his potential and upside is undeniable.

About His Impact on Team: The “Noel draft-day slide” has come to a conclusion as the Pelicans simply drafted the best player available and it happened to be Noel. A total game changer at the collegiate level, Noel and the Pelicans are hoping to have one of the most dominant front courts in the NBA. Yes — this is the second straight season that the Bobcats have selected an ex-Kentucky Wildcats big man as Anthony Davis went with the No. 1 selection in last year’s NBA draft. Those two beasts are going to be protecting the rim like none other team in the league and it will be fun to watch. The downside with this combination is that it’s so incredibly young, but a few years of maturity and the Pelicans could easily be contenders for an NBA title.


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