Brad Stevens: Boston Celtics Smart to Steal Butler Bulldogs' Icon

Far too often, NBA teams become too complacent and intimidated to make an earth-shattering move. In fear of being a national punchline, teams like the Phoenix Suns just sit idly by and make low-profile moves that allow the franchise to tread water.

Well, the Boston Celtics aren’t the type of organization that can afford to be under the radar. No — when Doc Rivers left for the shining lights of LA, the C’s knew that something major needed to be done. So, Brad Stevens was plucked out of Indiana and the Butler Bulldogs‘ icon is the newest Celtics head coach. Replacing a highly-respected coach like Rivers isn’t an easy task, but the Celtics went off of the reservation and made headlines in the process — mission accomplished.

While I’m not calling this signing a publicity stunt, it definitely eases the blow of losing Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rivers all in the same two-week span.

Stevens could easily flop, yet I would still call this one of the best things that the Celtics’ front office has ever done. When Boston’s head coaching search first began I thought that Brian Shaw would have been an ideal fit — Shaw was drafted by the Celtics in 1988 and has tons of assistant coaching experience. However, the unexpected nature of the Stevens will sell more tickets than an ex-Celtics guard getting his first shot as a head coach in Boston.

Oh — this move also kills the insane buzz surrounding the Bulldogs.

Now, the low-priority school doesn’t have Stevens to bank on for recruiting purposes and is forced to give the head coaching job to an unknown. With that being said, a move to the Big East is in the near future for Butler which means tons of opportunity. Goodluck, Bulldogs — you’re going to need it.

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