60 Seconds of Shame: Anna Benson and Rex Ryan

Anna Benson is a lunatic. She showed up at her estranged husband’s house wearing a bulletproof vest, an ammunition belt and waving a gun and demanded $30,000. Then she tells the cops that she’s testing the bulletproof vest for a new company. Seriously, how ridiculous does this woman get? It’s not normal for anyone to show up to someone’s house in a bulletproof vest saying you’re testing for a new company–especially if you happen to be holding a handgun as well!

The bad news: she’s in jail. The good news: the NRA wants her to run for President. Shame!

Rex Ryan is normally full of bull, but now the new and improved New York Jets coach is hoping to avoid the bull. As if trying to make Mark Sanchez into an NFL quarterback isn’t challenging enough, he wants to run with the bulls! Or, maybe he’s hoping one of those bulls will put him out of his misery. Save a trip to Spain, Rex. Just tell Jets fans that Sanchez will be your starter this year, and they’ll be happy to do it for you. Once again, Ryan proves why the Jets have established a reputation in the NFL for being one of the biggest laughing stocks of the league. Shame!