60 Seconds of Shame: Johnny Manziel in a Tim Tebow Jersey

Johnny Manziel just escaped going to jail after he had charges reduced in connection with a bar fight in 2012. Then he gets kicked out of Peyton Manning‘s Passing Academy for showing up late and being hungover.

But in the worst lapse of judgement, he showed up at a party wearing a Tim Tebow jersey. Why would he have a Tebow jersey? And why would he wear it? Was his Jamarcus Russell jersey at the cleaners? Was his Ryan Leaf jersey stained? Why would you have the jersey of a player who plays the same position as you but is awful?

Do you think that Eric Fisher, the offensive tackle who was the No. 1 overall pick this year, has a Tony Mandarich jersey? Or do you think that Manti Te’o showed up at Chargers camp wearing a Brian Boswell jersey? No, so Johnny, trade the Tebow jersey for an Aaron Rodgers jersey, or a Manning jersey. Just try to prove that you aren’t a complete tool.