Tiger Woods Wanting Time Limit on Viewer Call-ins is a Good Idea

They say golf is a gentleman’s game, so not much stock is put into complaints by guys like Tiger Woods, at least not anytime after Thanksgiving of 2009. However, the world’s most popular golfer is on to something with his latest statement and the golf world would be wise to listen and heed his advice.

Woods wants a time limit put on viewer call-ins of rule violations so that the scores of tournaments aren’t altered hours after they’re competed. Now that’s funny coming from a guy who was involved in three major rule infractions cases just this year, but Woods is right — the call-ins from viewers way after the rounds are over are extremely annoying.

Do fans of the NFL get to call in about a pass interference penalty that shouldn’t have been called in a two-hand touch game? Do NBA fans get to complain about LeBron James flopping all over the court like a rag doll? No, so golf fans don’t need that privilege, either. If the entire sports world let a bunch of crybaby old grumps call in about missed calls in sports all the time, the games would constantly change. The winner of the Super Bowl might be switched after the confetti falls!

See how ridiculous that sounds? Listen to Tiger, folks. Get golf where it needs to be, tell these few low-life viewers to put their phones down and let’s stop with all the nonsense.


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