Government Shutdown Affecting Army, Navy, Air Force College Football Games is Bogus

Unless you’ve been living under a federally subsidized rock for the past week, then you are well aware that the United States Congress has shut down the government until some middle ground can be reached on the issue of government funding. And for our millions of sports fans in the armed services, the shutdown has hit them especially hard as all the Air Force, Navy and Army games this weekend needed approval from the government just for them to continue as scheduled.

Now let me tell you something, while I understand this shutdown is chockfull of complicated and complex issues that most of us don’t fully understand, it is clear that Congress needs to get there act together fast because if this shutdown starts negatively affecting collegiate sports, then the big boys in Washington ‘got some ‘splainin’ to do!

I mean, forget about the millions of federal workers that aren’t getting their weekly paychecks, or the millions of veterans who may not receive their disability claims and pension payments this month, and definitely forget about the closures of our nation’s national parks, because the second that this government shutdown started affecting college football Saturdays, it became clear that this is where our countries leaders should be turning their attention to.

So thank you, Washington DC Fat Cats — thank you for taking time out of your ‘busy’ schedules to mull it over and give us permission to play college football this weekend, because it’s not like you have more important things you need to be doing.


Air Force vs. Navy, Boston College vs. Army Could Be Cancelled Due To Government Shutdown