Andy Pettitte Retires, Will Always Be Remembered As a Cheater

Never before have I seen an admitted steroid user get as much love as Andy Pettitte gets on a regular basis. It’s as if the New York Yankees‘ pitcher simply gets a free pass because he was a pitcher. Meanwhile, guys like Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and Barry Bonds have been ridiculed by MLB fans for years. What exactly is the disconnect here?

Somehow, Pettitte is known as an “honest” man, who played the game the “right” way.

Keep in mind that whenever someone spends 15 years with the Yankees, they are bound to have a truckload of haters. With that being said, you see many fans in Yankee Stadium dawning Pettitte jerseys and nearly half of them have forgotten about the pitcher’s 2007 confession. It’s funny what a World Series ring and five years can turn a supposed cheater into an “icon.”

At the end of the day; Pettitte is the one who gets the last laugh. At 41 years old, he’ll finish his career with over 255 wins, 5 World Series titles and could even weasel his way to the Baseball Hall of Fame before all is said and done.

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