Bud Selig Will Retire From MLB in 2015, Should Be Remembered In Positive Light

Come January of 2015, MLB fans will no longer have Bud Selig to blame the game’s problems on. After what will be more than two decades of serving as baseball’s commissioner, Selig has announced that the 2014 season will in fact be his last. While Selig has been faulted for leading his sport through the ugly steroid era, it’s unfair to pin cheaters like Alex Rodriguez solely on the commissioner.

Besides, if Selig wasn’t so proactive with laying down the law on Nelson Cruz, Ryan Braun and even Johnny Peralta then the 2013 MLB Postseason would be entirely different.

Selig gained a lot of respect when he decided to throw out these hefty suspensions, yet he still gets called spineless by most baseball fans. I will never understand the backlash that Selig gets on a daily basis, and any baseball fan worth his salts know that Selig’s addition of the wild card in 1994 changed the game forever. Could you imagine what the modern-day MLB landscape would look like without teams like the 1997 Florida Marlins and 2004 Boston Red Sox making the playoffs and winning the World Series?

For now, the game of baseball laughs as an old Selig steps down but in a few years, fans across the country will be thankful for his run as commissioner.

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