With Tim Tebow Joining New England Patriots, Jimmy Fallon Brings Back Famous 'Tebowie'

By Dan Parzych
Tim Tebow
(Stew Milne/USA Today Sports)

When Tim Tebow emerged as one of the most exciting players to watch as a member of the Denver Broncos during the 2011 regular season, Jimmy Fallon decided to take things to a whole new level by creating the fake musician Tebowie–a spoof on the famous singer David Bowie. Now that Tebow is officially a member of the New England Patriots, it looks like Tebowie is officially back and the best part is–this may be Fallon’s best performance of Tebowie yet.

Fallon brought Tebowie back with a new version of David Bowie’s famous “Rebel Rebel” song related to Tebow and as bad as it sounds–the song is pretty catchy to listen to and will keep you singing the song in your head throughout the day. From the catchy “Tebow, Tebow” chorus to talking about how much he hates the New York Jets and is the most famous quarterback in the world, Fallon is spot on with just about everything he says about the newest member of the Patriots.

With Tebow back in the NFL, it will be interesting to see if Fallon will come up with any other creative Tebowie songs over the next couple of weeks. As for Tebow in general joining New England, it’s no secret that he most likely won’t be playing much–if at all–during the 2013 season since there’s no chance of Tom Brady losing the starting job unless some sort of serious injury takes place.

Even if he doesn’t play, at least football fans will have Tebowie to keep them entertained while Tebow sits on the sidelines.

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