Robert Griffin III Could Become Next Brett Favre Sexting Story After Being Linked to Meredith Barber

By Dan Parzych
Meredith Barber
Meredith Barber’s Tumblr account

Nobody could have predicted Robert Griffin III to have the type of impact he had with the Washington Redskins last season–at least not right away. In fact, when looking at everything from the last year, it’s safe to say RGIII was the perfect role model for fans to look up to when it came to professional athletes–that is until now.

Unfortunately, Griffin could become the next Brett Favre story when it comes to a possible sexting scandal as he’s been linked to a VCU student that goes by the name Meredith Barber. Reports claim that Barber has been “negotiating” prices to sell inappropriate photos along with text messages and screen shots from the popular Redskins quarterback and based off the FaceTime screenshots of the two individuals that have hit the web so far–things aren’t looking good for RGIII.

Obviously, these types of stories happen all the time when it comes to professional athletes as people are always looking to make false accusations with the intention of making a profit off of it, but all signs so far point to RGIII being guilty and caught up in the act. To make things even worse, Griffin just recently got married this month–so the timing of all this could not be any better.

It will certainly be interesting to see what information comes out over the next couple of days, but for a player who was already under the microscope 24/7 due to his ACL recovery process–becoming the next possible Favre story is the last thing Griffin needs to deal with this early in his career.

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