Los Angeles Lakers Apparel Store Disrespects Dwight Howard With Pile of Jerseys

Dwight Howard

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Just how hard is it to sell a Dwight Howard jersey in Los Angeles Lakers territory these days? Just ask the organization as the Team LA store in the Staples Center was selling the unwanted jerseys for $20, and that’s not even the worst part — they were just thrown in a pile.

Sure, Howard didn’t treat the city of Los Angeles the right way, almost the same way LeBron James treated the city of Cleveland when he left the Cavaliers.

However, when you disrespect someone who was never really enjoying his time in the city anyways, then there’s a problem. Especially when the people disrespecting the superstar big man are is the apparel store in his former team’s home arena.

OK, I get it, this guy is hated in the city, but why put him down more than he already has. Not many people, included myself, like Howard, but sometimes you have to take the high road and maybe just sell his jersey for $5, but at least put it on a hanger.

I doubt Howard will be too upset about this — I mean, he did ditch Kobe Bryant for James Harden and I’m sure his $88 million contract is just another slap in the face to the team that begged him to stay.

The Houston Rockets will be one of the best teams in the NBA with the addition of Howard, hoping to end the Miami Heat’s reign of terror.

Either way, I’m sure Dwight got over this one pretty fast and it’s a ‘poor sport’ move by the Lakers.

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  • Robin the Boy Wonder

    They tried giving D12 jerseys to the homeless.

    But they didn’t want them.

  • Jah

    As a Rockets fan, I have to say, the Lakers Fans Know Not What They Do. Smh. Do Lakers fans understand what we will do to them next season? Do they understand we “gonna bring it” when we meet them?

    Do they understand how much we are investing into Dwight Howard to give him all the tools he need to, not only be a beast again, but to truly “dominate”???? This isn’t some lame-duck session with Kareem Jabbar.

    We got our own Legend (Dream) blueprinting a training regimen that will make Howard so good Lakers fans will be dreaming, “Kobe who?” You better prepare Kobe when he comes to our house. We gonna rock your golden boy. Keep talking shit.

    • SavageAssasin

      Good luck building your team around a 6’11 bitch with no post moves
      (And a bad FT %)
      Tell me how that works out for you bro.To be honest i’ll rather build my team around Andre Drummond than that fag dwight howard at least he still has alot of time to grow

    • C Evans

      Not a Lakers fan but Dwight has already had sessions with Hakeem before. Get this through your head… Dwight is as good as he ever is going to be. He stated free throws are a mental thing for him, as he was a good free throw shooter in HS. Overall, he is what he is, a great defensive player and a poor to mediocre offensive player i.e. a newer, slightly bigger and better Ben Wallace. Quicker that is understood by all his suitors over the last few years the better.

  • Kris Waggoner

    Houston we have a problem. His name is Dwight Howard