Darnell Dockett Likes to Sneak Into Movies With His Son

By Connor Muldowney
Darnell Dockett
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Darnell Dockett is known for putting the hurt on quarterbacks while sneaking into backfields of teams near you, but he might soon be famous for sneaking into movie theaters and putting the hurt on ticket checkers.

The Arizona Cardinals‘ All-Pro defensive end tweeted on Monday night that he got into the movies in a local theater with nothing but his son and some old movie stubs. While this might seem pretty funny to some people, I’m sure the movie theater isn’t too happy they are losing business from a wealthy customer.

The only thing they are promoting is letting the guy with a $3.4 million salary in without pay. I mean, come on, you make the money, why can’t you just pay the $20 to get into the movies?

Here’s the tweet from Dockett:

I mean, why sneak into the movies and teach your son that it’s okay. Why make him think that breaking the law in order to see a movie that you can already afford is acceptable? Surely, the Cardinals wouldn’t be okay with something like this and neither should Dockett.

Well, I will give his son credit, however, because he did feel bad about sneaking into the movies with his NFL celebrity dad. It’s what happened after the son felt bad that really gets the good parents of the world angry.

What better way to make your son feel better about breaking the law than to buy him new shoes?

Great parenting move, Darnell.

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