Dallas Cowboys Fans Mock Washington Redskins Fan With Video Crying Over Autographs

By Dan Parzych
Cowboys Fans
(Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

Last week, one Washington Redskins fan made headlines for an obnoxious video she posted about how she waited forever at training camp to get an autograph from Robert Griffin III–only to leave empty handed. There was some debate about whether or not the female in the video was actually serious or just trying to get attention considering how quickly these types of videos have gone viral.

With the start of the regular season right around the corner, it will be interesting to see how things play out between the Redskins and Dallas Cowboys once again as one of the league’s top rivals are always fun to watch. These two teams may not have squared off against one another yet, but a group of Cowboys fans wasted no time heating things up by creating a video of their own in which they mocked the crying Redskins fan who missed out on RGIII’s autograph–and it was hilarious.

Instead of creating a video crying about missing out on autographs, these three young Cowboys fans decided to mock the Redskins fan by crying about how they didn’t get enough autographs at training camp–which is hysterical. From receiving gloves that were only signed by one player to open space left on an autographed football in which more signatures could have been added, these kids deserve plenty of credit for coming up with something this creative.

Be sure to check out the hilarious video above and get excited–because football season is finally right around the corner.

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