Johnny Manziel Partakes in Ridiculous Locker Room Jousting With Teammates

By Connor Muldowney
Johnny Manziel
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel is in the news once again. What a surprise. This time it’s not because of trash talking, showing up hungover to the Peyton Manning passing camp or even dancing with random girls at the club. Oh, and we can’t forget the whole autographs for money scandal that he is apparently involved in.

No, this time it’s a completely different stupidity. Manziel was captured in a recent Vine video with his teammates in the Texas A&M Aggies locker room. Well, you might say, what’s wrong with that? He should be spending time with his teammates, right?

Well, the way he is spending such time is the problem. The video shows Manziel pushing a teammate in a laundry bin with a helmet and shoulder pads on at another teammate with what looks like long plastic tubes. The reason for this? Well, they are locker room jousting, of course.

Check out the ridiculous video here:

As you can see, the Heisman-winner shows no remorse for the teammate he is leading into battle against another teammate with dangerous-looking weapons in hand. Sure, they could just be plastic, but crazier injuries have happened and by risking his peers’ health, he once again shows why he can’t be trusted.

While no one got hurt because of the fact both guys ducked at the last second to avoid the devastating blow from the plastic rods, this video just goes to show that this kid needs to be under constant watch.

I know you can argue that he’s just a kid, but doing stupid things like this with apparently zero supervision is just sickening especially when someone could get seriously injured a week before the season is set to begin.

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