Denver Sports Anchor Vandalizes Joe Flacco Banner

By Andrew Fisher
Joe Flacco
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco banners hung across the city of Denver are not making Broncos’ fans happy. They’re hung up along with Peyton Manning banners to promote the NFL‘s kickoff game, which takes place on Wednesday September 4th. Most people understand this from a marketing perspective, but it’s understandably hard for Broncos’ fans to comprehend why Flacco banners are hung all over their stadium.

Well one local sports anchor decided he wasn’t going to stand for the opposing quarterback’s banners and he took action. Dave Lombardi of of CBS4 took to the streets to deface one of the posters showing Flacco.

You have to love this. I’m sure Lombardi isn’t the only one to do such a thing, but it’s awesome to see a local sports anchor taking a stand against the banners. The Ravens can’t be happy with all the publicity the posters have drawn, because now the Broncos and their fans will be even more pumped for the season opener. They already had plenty of motivation, considering the Ravens knocked them out of the playoffs in a dramatic upset victory last January.

Things could be different this year, as the Broncos are expected to win the AFC, while the Ravens will have a new-look after a slew of offseason moves. Still, the Wednesday night opener should make for great entertainment. Even if the game ends up being one-sided, at least we know that football is back.


Flacco Banners in Denver May Have Not Been a Good Idea


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