Amir Johnson Loses Tug of War With Elephant

By Connor Muldowney
Amir Johnson
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Amir Johnson is known for his skills on the court, but the NBA veteran has shown his personal side off the court lately. He provided us with one of the coolest pictures of the offseason last week when he posted a picture of himself on top of an elephant during his visit to Thailand.

Here’s the unbelievable picture:

Amir Johnson
via Amir Johnson’s Instagram

While this is a pretty cool photo, there’s an even more unbelievable video that he posted recently, showing the Toronto Raptors‘ forward in the middle of a tug of war with an elephant. Not necessarily the same one pictured above, this one is a bit smaller, but it’s an elephant nonetheless.

Watch the crazy video here:

As you can see, the Raptors’ player is on a team of people trying to win a tug of war with what looks like a baby elephant. It’s pretty cool to see something like this because it shows that Johnson can have fun off the court and he’s not always so serious.

Obviously Johnson and his gang of friends didn’t defeat the elephant, but the 6-foot-9, 210-pound forward is one of the skinnier big men in the league, and he’s also a pretty strong guy, holding his own against one of the beasts of the jungle.

Johnson should probably start getting back to basketball activities and stop playing tug of wars with huge animals. While it might help his strength, it won’t help him make a layup or block a shot.

Pretty cool stuff, though.

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