Maryland Man Buys Storage Unit Filled With Dikembe Mutombo Merchandise

By Andrew Fisher
Dikembe Mutombo
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Who doesn’t love Dikembe Mutombo? He’s one of the all-time great NBA centers and also a great person who’s done a tremendous amount for his home country (Republic of the Congo). During his playing days, and now because of a GEICO commercial, he’s known for his signature finger wag. Every time he blocked a shot, he would wag his index finger at his opponent as to say ‘no-no, not in my house.’ It was a great taunt to say the least.

In terms of merchandise and collectibles, Mutombo was never that popular. He didn’t have his own brand of shoes and his trading cards weren’t that sought after. But as with all collectibles, they have a chance to gain value over time. Well, a Maryland man may have just hit the jackpot. Adrian Petrus recently bought a storage unit up for auction (a la Storage Wars) and discovered he’d purchased a unit loaded with Mutombo merchandise.

The unit was reportedly full of signed items such as: shoes, basketballs, cards, jerseys and random photos.

The strange twist in this story is that the storage unit reportedly belonged to Mutombo’s brother, who had missed payments because he returned to Africa. Petrus has apparently tried to reach out to the former basketball star, but has yet to get a response. If he doesn’t get one, eBay figures to see a huge uptick in Mutombo merch in the near future.

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