Johnny Manziel: Whoever Watches His Games Cannot Talk Money Scandal

By David Miller
Johnny Manziel
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

There are all kinds of stories still circulating around about Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel and whether or not he makes money from this or that. We all find it extremely easy to gawk at his public personal life and judge him for things that he should and should not do. More than that we all talk badly about how dare he break NCAA rules and make a little money off of autographs or something else. Then when we finish talking about how terrible of a person he is for making money at all, we all simply have  to tune in to watch the game.

I chose not to watch the game and yet I still don’t want to throw stones at Manziel. Who else in his position wouldn’t sign something that was thrown into his face? I dare not think what I would have done at his age if I had tons of money and women throwing itself and themselves at me. I would even go so far as to say that Manziel has handled himself better than I would have given a similar situation. The worst of the worst however is how those of us who happen to think a college athlete shouldn’t make money from the sport they play, turn around and glue ourselves to the television.

Not only that but we go buy a shirt with the team name on it and tons of foam fingers just to be a part of something awesome because everyone loves college football. Why shouldn’t the athletes most responsible for the success of the team which is most successful in bringing in money to the college, make a little money? They already get money in the form of scholarships so what is the big deal about more if they are successful enough to do it and the college is big enough to handle behavior problems?

Someone once said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” I won’t go so far as to say something that bold but I will say this. As far as complaining about athletes making money on the side and in other ways, “Let those who did not pour money into a television station, radio broadcast, local bar, etc. for the sake of watching him play, make the first comment.”

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