Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving Gets In Dance-Battle While Doing Charity Work in South Africa

By Cody Williams
Kyrie Irving Cavaliers Dancing
David Richard – USA Today Sports Images

There are a lot of eyes on Kyrie Irving as NBA training camp and the preseason are set to begin in less than a week. After his second season in the league and with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Irving is on the precipice of becoming a superstar in this league at just 21 years old. People will be watching this season to see if he’s able to make the leap.

If he randomly decides that he doesn’t want to be a star or to even play basketball anymore, maybe he should try out for some dance contest reality show. According to this video that the NBA posted, Irving’s got a little bit of groove:

Though the video was posted to YouTube just on Tuesday, the footage was actually shot back in August. Irving took a trip with UNICEF to South Africa as part of the charity’s Schools for Africa initiative. While visiting one of the school’s that impromptu dance-battle began in the classroom and greatness was born.

Like I said, Irving starts the video off with some pretty nice moves. However, the kid comes right at Irving and, if we’re being the judges here, probably outscores Irving on whatever dance-based rating scale that you want to use here.

There’s no doubting Irving’s abilities on the floor and how far they could potentially take him in terms of being a star. However, it’s his off-the-court things that could make him one of the most memorable players of this generation. Whether it’s doing “Uncle Drew” commercials or dance-battling South African children in a classroom, Irving has a way of making himself likable and marketable. Though his skills are the main factor in his stardom, the other stuff surely doesn’t hurt.

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