Stacy Keibler Breaks Hearts of Men Everywhere, Marries Jared Pobre

By RanterX
Stacy Keibler Twitter9

What’s left to do after you’ve been a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens, actress, singer-songwriter, model, wrestler, WWE Diva and dated George Clooney? Get married, of course! That’s exactly what all-around sports hottie Stacy Keibler did over the weekend as she and newest heartthrob Jared Pobre tied the knot in a private beach ceremony in Mexico on Saturday, March 8. Now all men everywhere can mourn on this lowly Monday.

Keibler is still into older men, although Pobre, 39, is only five years older instead of 18, as was the case with Clooney. The CEO of Future Ads wasn’t exactly a regularly trending topic on the Web until he paired with his show-stopping sweetheart and now he has drawn the envy of pretty much every warm-blooded American male out there.

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