You Can Now Go Back to Hating Floyd Mayweather Jr.

By Jeff Shull
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Source: Twitter

Floyd Mayweather Jr. proved he has a heart recently when he sent Leah Still some autographed boxing gloves. Leah is Devon Still’s daughter who has been battling cancer and her fight has been very much publicized. Stay strong, girl!

However, the above picture is proof Floyd doesn’t give AF what anyone thinks as he’s casually walking up to a strip club with stacks of Benjamins ready to party like it’s his f***ing job. Seriously, as much as you hate the guy, you would do anything to get into that entourage (reportedly 45 deep in this case). Supposedly this was to celebrate buying a $3.5 million Bugatti earlier in the day.

Money Mayweather celebrates spending a lot of money by spending a lot of money. F** this guy.

Jeff Shull is Senior Social Strategist for Rant, Inc. You can follow him on Twitter, where f*** Floyd Mayweather.

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