2013 Miami Dolphins Have Players Worthy of Fantasy Football Attention

By Craig Ballard
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the show I co-host (@RantingBenCraig) I had the pleasure of having Jim Day aka @FantasyTaz on this weeks show to talk some #FFHelpMadi (do your heart a favor and check out that hashtag — special stuff from the fantasy football community to aid a great little girl in need) and since Jim is a fantasy football heavyweight I asked him several questions about that as well. I was pleasantly surprised by his answer to this question.

On this list of Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill, Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Lamar Miller and Dustin Kell , who are you looking to add to your fantasy team?. His answer: F) All of the above (full interview audio is HERE ;Jim and I discuss Dolphins at the 32:37 minute mark. FYI, first part of show is my interview with ex-‘Phins wide receiver O.J. McDuffie and an article on that interview is next up!).

When was the last time the Dolphins had multiple players that fantasy football owners were looking to aggressively add to their teams? Tanny and Miller are both just second year players, and while neither had any fantasy success as rookies the feeling about them is pretty positive in a lot of circles. The weapons surrounding Tanny look really legit to me with Wallace, Hartline, and Keller all having big-time receiving skills.

I was excited about what I considered to be an upgraded offense, but despite being a fantasy football fan I had yet to turn my attention to how this offense would look to fantasy owners. Dolfans have been clamoring for “play-makers” on offense and this roster looks like it has a lot to offer. You will even hear Jim mention Mike Gillislee who is another guy that fantasy owners may look to add for depth, especially as the season goes on because if Miller does not kick butt then there will be carries available for the University of Florida product.

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