Fantasy Football 2013: Monitor the New England Patriots; Tim Tebow Time is Coming

By Jim Heath
Tim Tebow
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It’s “Tebow Time” in the state of Massachusetts; it has to be. Call it timing, call it coincidence or call it divine intervention, but there may not be a more auspicious pairing than that of the New England Patriots and Tim Tebow.

The Patriots seem to be walking a hard luck line this offseason with offensive weapons diminishing because of free agency, release, injury and now a murder charge. Tebow, following his release from the New York Jets, drew no interest from other NFL franchises. The two turbulent paths have crossed, and the timing is nothing short of impeccable.

The Patriots need something positive, and Tebow is a positive influence. The Patriots need playmakers, and Tebow is a playmaker. Actually right about now, the Patriots simply need bodies on offense – Tebow can be that guy.

When he becomes that guy, he becomes Fantasy Football relevant.

You can criticize his drop back footwork, his unorthodox throwing mechanics or the fact he is a “South Paw”, but you cannot dispute his athleticism.

Momentarily sidestep the stereotypes and wise cracks associated with Tebow and remember Tebow “the runner” as member of the Denver Broncos. Try, if you will, to remember the game winning score versus the Jets in November of 2011. Envision that grit, his determination and how he would carry the rock with a “you’re not stopping me” attitude.

Now, imagine that tough and determined athlete as a pass catcher.

As hard as I tried, I could not find a single recorded receiving stat line for Tebow. What I can relay in defense is the images I remember during his warm up as he prepared for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2012 AFC Wild Card playoff game. Tebow spent easily twenty minutes running receiving routes, and I can honestly say I don’t remember him dropping the ball. I do remember some impressive one-handed grabs but don’t recall the ball hitting the ground – not one time.

He has exceptional pass catching abilities.

Not all news coming out of Massachusetts will be that of the Aaron Hernandez murder charges. There are several things you need to pay attention to.

First, watch the Patriots roster beginning during training camp through the preseason. See if the Patriots change the roster designation for Tebow from QB to a positional player.

Next, see how New England uses Tebow in the preseason. If the Patriots use Tebow and he finds the kind of success I believe he is capable of, he will quickly leave the realm Fantasy Football punch line and move towards a Fantasy Football buzzword.

Don’t plan anything yet. You’re not going to draft Tebow as a quarterback. It won’t matter how many catches or yards he gets in New England; if he is slotted as a quarterback, you can’t use him at a position in Fantasy Football. Closely monitor the situation, and know the changes and circumstances needed for fantasy relevance.

If the proverbial stars of change and circumstance find the right alignment, take a gamble. What is the cost – a waiver wire move or late round pick at best?

Tebow is a low risk possible high return, and I am a huge fan of that phrase in Fantasy Football.

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