2014 Fantasy Football Profile: RB Khiry Robinson

By Sean Cordy
Khiry Robinson
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints have been one of the most offensively crafty teams in the NFL thanks to head coach Sean Payton. One of the things they’ve done particularly well is spread the wealth among their entire roster. That was especially apparent when Khiry Robinson — an undrafted free agent last season — started to emerge as a viable fantasy option. That’s an especially challenging feat seeing as he had to shine among three other running backs last season.


He was able to make a name for himself even while splitting time with the likes of Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas. That’s saying something.

There’s no more Sproles to mess with, meaning one less star player to take away carries.

He’s had a year in the big leagues under his belt, so he’ll make more decisive cuts.


Even with Sproles gone, that only means there’s someone else who will fill his role — with the Saints these always is. Watch out for Payton to find other role players to absorb his receptions as well as rushes.

Remember Robinson at the start of last season? No? Well, there will likely be another player like him that the Saints use in a similar manner as they did with him last year.

Saints starting running backs hover around 120-150 carries in the season at a maximum. Don’t expect Payton to just change his philosophy.

Payton’s philosophy is pass, pass, pass and run. Just ask their four-time 5,000-yard QB Drew Brees.

Robinson isn’t a pass type running back. You’ll only get points from his rushing attempts.

Final Verdict:

The negatives outweigh the positives for me. Even though he may be “better” this year, his improvements can’t flourish without more opportunity. So even if he gets the starting job, you can expect only 600 yards and four touchdowns. That puts him in the range of 90 points.  I really wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole — not at the price I’d have to pay to draft him.

Bye Week: 6

Auction Value: $9

Projected Round: 10

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