Miguel Cabrera Stands In All-Star League of His Own

By John Raffel


David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera is 29 years old, and yet, he’ll be making his eighth MLB All-Star game appearance after this month.

That by itself says how remarkable of an All-Star Cabrera is. He may be in an All-Star League of his own. He should have been the leading vote-getter but the All-Star voting process, as everyone knows by now, is flawed. But at least he’ll be starting, a factor that is worthy of the 2012 Triple Crown winner who is leading the league in batting average and RBI.

The second half of the season still remains, but Cabrera is putting up the numbers that make him a threat to win the Triple Crown again. It appears he’s going to have a tough battle with Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles for the home run title.

But for Cabrera, winning a World Series is the main thing that’s left in his list of goals. He wants to help the Tigers go all the way while they still have the talent to do so.

Ironically, as much as fans despise the fact that the league that wins the All-Star game gets home advantage for the World Series, this gives Cabrera and his other Tiger teammates in the contest more incentive than just showing up. Cabrera realizes that having home field advantage for the World Series, if his team makes it, will be a major advantage. So it will behoove him to have some quality at bats and to play stingy defense at third base.

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