Will New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez Be Next Player On Biogenesis List To Be Suspended?

By Adam Fischer
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun was just suspended for the rest of the regular season because of the Biogenesis scandal, and what New York Yankees fans must now be thinking is that Alex Rodriguez will be next. Rodriguez and Braun were MLB’s main targets in this investigation, and now that Braun has been busted, A-Rod must be in Tampa right now wondering when that news will break.

Rodriguez’s season has been tumultuous to say the least. He was supposed to be back in the Yankees lineup tonight against the Texas Rangers, but recently sustained a quad injury that put him back on the disabled list, and is back in Tampa for rest and treatment.

Conspiracy theorists think that the Yankees kept A-Rod out of the lineup with this quad injury, which Rodriguez  doesn’t think is serious, because of the impending suspension that is looming.

Now those theorists have more fuel for their argument. The Yankees do not want to pay Rodriguez — that is a fact. If he does get suspended, they won’t need to pay him. The other option the Yankees would love is if he puts himself on the physically unable to perform list, which would mean that insurance would take care of his salary.

Either way, there is still more information to come out and more players to be suspended. I believe that A-Rod is going to be the next person implicated and prosecuted, and this makes his future with the Bronx Bombers even more uncertain.

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