Philadelphia Phillies: Why Cliff Lee Did Not Get Traded

By Rebekah Milsted
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies did not make a move at the trade deadline yesterday. It is still being discussed today if it was the right move. Many believed that pitcher Cliff Lee was going to be traded for the second time while in a Phillies uniform. Instead, he remains, and there could be on reason why.

Lee was scratched from his last start because of a stiff neck. Some thought that was going to be the night he would be traded. However, his injury seems legit. Lee was scratched from his start on Friday against the Atlanta Braves. It is unknown at this time how much more time he is going to need.

Lee would have been a great addition to any team who will be looking to make an appearance in the playoffs. He has a record of 10-4. His 10 wins are tied for seventh-most in the NL, and 16th in all of the majors. He also has an ERA of 3.05, which puts him 14th in the NL. At age 34, Lee is still very much a talented pitcher.

Unfortunately, with age comes injuries, and that is probably what made teams hesitant. Lee’s arm has been healthy, but a neck injury is still risky. Teams do not want to be giving up their top prospects and get an injured player who could end up on the DL in return.

Lee has been the Phillies’ ace this season. It is good for their pitching staff that he stayed as he could help them win if he stays healthy. It will be interesting to see where Lee ends up in the future.

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