Jose Iglesias is Hidden Gem of Jake Peavy Deal for Detroit Tigers

By David Miller
Jose Iglesias
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

There is little doubt that the Detroit Tigers were pleased with the season Jhonny Peralta was having just a few weeks ago. There were buzzing for weeks that he would be one of the dominoes to fall in the Biogenesis mess. I don’t want to make judgments one way or the other on Peralta’s alleged involvement but I do think the situation highlights what a masterful job the Tigers’ GM did inserting himself into the Jake Peavy deal and gaining Jose Iglesias in the process.

Though it hasn’t quite been a month the three-team Peavy trade seems like forever ago already. The Chicago White Sox traded their star pitcher to the Boston Red Sox who sent Iglesias to the Tigers for sending Avisail Garcia to the White Sox. There are other players involved going to each team but these are the main highlights. All teams seemed happy and it was debatable whether the Red Sox or White Sox got the better end of the trade.

I’m not so sure either of them did if you consider how well the gifted shortstop Iglesias fits what the Tigers needed. Garcia is hitting around the .300 mark for the last ten games and is certainly holding his own in other offensive areas. Those are all add-ons to what he gives them in the field. This is a shortstop whose E column doesn’t stand for errors. For Iglesias it should stand for “Questionable Decisions by the Official Scorer”. He’s just that good.

More than just being good, as pointed out earlier he is a perfect fit for what this team needed at the time. Sure they miss some of Peralta’s offensive numbers but right now that doesn’t matter anyway. Whether suspended or injured, he’s gone for the season so they might as well have brought in someone that gives them exactly what they need. Iglesias is and has been that person. Great move Tigers.

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