Oakland Athletics Have Pulled Late Season Magic Yet Again

By David Miller
Oakland Athletics
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are in another September and once again the Oakland Athletics have moved to the top of their division and have found a way. It seems like each and every year, no matter who they are facing in the division or the Wildcard race, they wind up pulling ahead late and reaching the playoffs. This season might be a little different than some others in that they seem to be able and perfectly willing to put the Texas Rangers as far behind them as possible.

Saturday night they thought maybe they should prove how well they could hit but stopped just a few shy of putting up 20 runs on their poor opponents. It doesn’t seem to matter who they are facing in games or in the division, they end up winning at this time of year. Maybe they plan it that way from Spring Training, I don’t know, but it sure is interesting how good this one team is every September, no matter how large the payroll of their closest competitor.

The problem in years past might rise up and grab them yet again this year however if they are unable to go far during the month of October. That seems to be the next month the A’s franchise need to master. Just imagine how amazing it would be if the A’s played as well in that month as they do in September each season. They would end up reeling off 5 championships in 10 years or something. This year they would probably just settle for one.

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