San Francisco Giants Rumors: Should Not Bring Back Tim Lincecum

By David Miller
Tim Lincecum
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The San Francisco Giants have all kinds of things to worry about as the MLB off-season looms closer. Sadly this season they do not have the MLB Playoffs to distract them from free agency as it approaches for a few stars of the team. Two of those making news lately are outfielder Hunter Pence and starter Tim Lincecum. Of these two the Giants are rumored to be already talking to one of them but it might surprise you to know which one they chose to talk with.

Lincecum has yet to begin talks with the Giants and they have yet to reach out to him. For the franchise that brought “the Freak” to the major leagues, it might seem crazy that they haven’t spoken to him as of yet but I think it makes perfect sense. This was the second year of less-than-normal performance from Lincecum and though he has improved of late, that isn’t rare for a star approaching free agency.

The Giants might very well think that Lincecum is fully ready to regain his previous form but there is certainly a gamble in that thought. Since he already has made $22 million this year, there is little reason to believe he will be a bargain on the free agent market. The truth of the matter is that he has shown plenty enough ability for someone to want to offer him a lot of money. He and his agents clearly know this and will be ready to go after that figure.

Considering that, the Giants should not be willing to get into a bidding war for Lincecum since there is every reason to believe that his unbelievable first few years will be the best seasons of his career, no matter how long it is. They should take a back seat, offer him a nice qualifying deal and watch the proceedings from a detached point of view.

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