Russell Wilson Suiting Up For Texas Rangers is Publicity Stunt 101

By Andrew Fisher
Russell Wilson
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In case you’ve been living under a SportsCenter-free rock as of late, Russell Wilson is going to attend Spring Training with the Texas Rangers. But wait, there’s more! According to Richard Durrett of ESPN, Wilson will not only attend the Rangers’ Spring Training game this upcoming Monday — he’s going to suit up as well. If you listen closely, you can hear ESPN scrambling to get a featured story put together on this (which will air continuously for the next five days).

While some are going to view Wilson at a Spring Training game as a cool thing, I couldn’t possibly care less. Why? Because it’s nothing more than publicity stunt. If Wilson actually had some real interest in being a two-sport star or if the Seattle Seahawks would actually let him be a two-sport star — then I would be interested. But as it stands right now, this is just a little ‘publicity stunt 101′.

There will now be tons of eyeballs on the Rangers’ Cactus League game Monday. That’s ultimately all they’re after. Never before in the history of the franchise will there be as much attention paid to an early March exhibition game.

I get it. Wilson is the ‘in guy’ right now. He just won the Super Bowl, he’s by all accounts a great guy and people genuinely seem to like and respect him. He’s a great representative for the NFL and great role model for kids. Good for Russell Wilson and the NFL.

If you’re buying into the possibility of Wilson actually playing pro baseball — stop it. This move by the Rangers is just to get people talking. Obviously, it’s working.


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