1st Round Knockout: Rantsports MMA Middleweight Rankings

By Chris Shelton

Middleweight has gotten all of the buzz lately. With Chael Sonnen’s mouth comes attention. But many young guys have been making noise again.

The division is in transition. Unfortunately, the reward for garnering a title shot is Anderson Silva. That hasn’t worked out for anyone yet.

1. Anderson Silva (UFC, 32-4)  Silva is the pound for pound king. He’s the best fighter in UFC history. There’s not much more to say. He’s shut Chael Sonnen up, something once thought impossible. That’s impressive.

2. Chael Sonnen (UFC, 27-12-1) Sonnen is better than any middleweights not named Anderson Silva. He has went through top names, sometimes making it look easy.

3. Chris Weidman (UFC, 9-0) Before Chris Weidman came along, Mark Munoz was widely regarded as the third best middleweight in the world. That’s before Weidman completely out classed him. In my opinion, Weidman is ready for a title shot.

4. Vitor Belfort (UFC, 21-9) Vitor Belfort has paid his dues. He’s a great fighter. Belfort may not get a title shot before Silva retires though.

5. Mark Munoz (UFC, 12-3) Munoz is coming off a dominant loss to Chris Weidman. He’s still much better than most though.

6.  Michael Bisping (UFC, 22-4) Michael Bisping is an arrogant jerk. However, I like the confidence. Bisping believes that he is next in line for a title shot. Coming off of a loss, I’m not so sure. If Bisping defeats Brian Stann though, he’s the number one contender.

7. Brian Stann (UFC, 12-4) Everyone loves Stann. He’s a good guy. Now he’s fighting Michael Bisping in a number one contender match. Interesting.

8. Tim Boetsch (UFC, 15-4) Tim Boetsch is a blah fighter to me. He’s on a three fight win streak, defeated Yushin Okami and warrants a spot in the top 10, however I just don’t view him as a credible title threat.

9. Luke Rockhold (Strikeforce, 10-1) Rockhold is the strikeforce champion. He’s a great fighter. He’ll be in the UFC one day.

10. Hector Lombard (UFC, 31-2-1) Hector Lombard’s record is staggering. The former Bellator middleweight champion transferred to the UFC to contend at the highest level. He has his chance now.

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