Can Ben Askren Get Georges St-Pierre?

By Kevin Davidson
Georges St. Pierre
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports 

Bellator’s Welterweight Champion Ben Askren is about to be the biggest free agent in the world of MMA. His deal is coming to a close with the Bellator promotion, and that means fans everywhere at looking at one person, Dana White. White has been extremely vocal about Askren’s fighting style. It is true that Askren is a great wrestler and most of his fights rely on his Olympic-caliber wrestling skills. His wins have mostly come by decision, but do not let that fool you because most of those wins have been completely one-sided. It is because of his 12-0 fight record that earlier today, Askren decided to go ahead and call out Georges St-Pierre.

It seems that wherever you go, someone, somewhere, is calling out St. Pierre. It most definitely has to do with him being a top three pound-for-pound fighter but it also has to do with his dominance over the Welterweight division. Only Carlos Condit came a little bit close to finishing St-Pierre with a flush head-kick; but before that, no one even put him in trouble. Askren thinks that he can defeat St-Pierre, and by defeat, I believe he means out-wrestle him. It would be an interesting concept; an Olympic wrestler against, quite possibly, the best MMA wrestler that we have ever seen.

This definitely makes for an interesting fight. Will Dana White actually do it? Let’s just say that Askren signs with the UFC. St-Pierre will not be his first fight. White will want to make sure that he is deserving of a shot and will give him a top-five opponent to make sure. The only way to see what is in Askren’s fighting future is to wait and see.

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